Dry Skin: Natural Remedies pictures


For most people, the winter destroys our skin. It it causes our skin to flake and dry. This is because of the cooler weather contains less humidity. However, this does not have to be an issue. There are many natural remedies that can bring the moisture back and help your skin become healthy again. Olive oil? is one great treatment for dry skin. It helps to sooth the itch and moisturize your skin. A natural exfoliant will also help your dry skin, and many of these can be found in your dairy aisle, or your kitchen at home. These can include yogurt (plain), papaya, and pumpkin. These make excellent cleansers and exfoliate with lactic acid, not painful scrubbing granules. You can also create a scrub with simply brown sugar and oil, using equal parts, and rubbing it on the skin with light and circular motions, but be sure to shower afterward. Honey is a great way to improve dry lips, heels, and elbows. Just rub a little on. One last tip is to treat dry skin from inside the body. Eating a diet that includes foods such as dark chocolate, salmon and other fatty fish, carrots, oranges, and mangoes will give you magnesium, fatty acids, vitamin C, and beta-carotene, all which naturally feed your skin from the inside. This can make it less prone to becoming dry. If the weather has caused your hair to dry, there is a remedy for that too: simply mix a tablespoon of liquid castle soap and one egg yolk into you shampoo. If the weather has caused your body to become a mess, you can fix it naturally. Start moisturizing your dry skin today.

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