Chamomile: a natural soothing plant pictures


Many people use chamomile for a variety of reasons. This herb is known as one of the safest and most popular around. It is also a favorite ingredient in tea. This herb has many effects on the body, but is most popularly used for calming or soothing. It also has great relaxing effects for the mind, bowels, and stomach, and even is a great sleep aid. It is so safe that many parents give it to their young children to help them sleep, or when they are teething. Chamomile is great to help with conditions that are stress-induced. These can include nerves or insomnia. If you have problems with being highly emotional, this herb can also help with that. Chamomile also has a great anti-inflammatory property, which is why people use it often for stiffness, arthritis, and rheumatism. Another great property of this herb is its ability to help calm the digestive system and the stomach. Oftentimes, people that have stomach cramps often, gas, or even irritable bowel syndrome use chamomile to help relieve the pain. Chamomile is great in tea alone, or used with licorice, fennel, and peppermint to help with stomach aches. This herb can also be used for mosquito bites, rashes, or eczema. Simply put the leaves in a stocking and run hot water through it. Chamomile has so many uses that could help you with many of the ailments that you may have. This soothing plant is great for many things, so go out there and buy some and take care of some of the issues that you may be suffering from.

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