White Spots On Skin pictures


If your skin has white spots on it, you may have vitiligo. This condition can hit you anywhere on your skin, and is caused by a loss of pigment (melanin) in the skin. This loss is due to the destruction of melanocytes, your pigment-forming cells. Why these cells are destroyed is still a mystery, though there is some speculation that the body’s immune system destroys them. Only about 2% of people are affected by this condition. It typically develops early in life, effects both men and women equally, and affects all races, though is more noticeable in those with darker skin.? Some of the risk factors include genetics and autoimmune diseases. Vitiligo usually affects the skin in areas that are exposed to the sun, folds (such as your armpits), prior injury sites, skin around moles, or areas close to body openings. Typically once the pigment is gone, it will not return. Eyes and hair can also be affected. While this disease is easy to diagnose during a physical, there is no known prevention or cure. There are a few methods that can improve the look of the skin. Some of these can include: UV therapy which will help re-pigment your skin, corticosteroid creams, skin grafts, and depigmentation of the unaffected areas. This can condition is not contagious, but does cause extreme emotional problems in those who suffer from it. If you have noticed white blotches on your skin, see a doctor today to find out why.

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