Clothbot: The Small Robot Climber pictures


In May 2012, the Chinese Academy of Sciences had a team that created the Clothbot. This tiny climbing robot uses a mechanism that grips and pinches folds in clothes and uses the wrinkles to climb up the fabric. It weighs in at a mere 140 grams, or about 5 ounces. It also has a omni-directional tail that help it center its gravity and navigate its terrain. In 2011, CLASH was introduced. This was, arguably, the first cloth climbing robot, purposefully built, that was ever constructed. CLASH was equipped with little spiny legs to help it climb. The downside of this feature is that it created little holes in clothing. However, Clothbot only creates a fold to climb up. What is the point of these robots? There is no definitive answer to that question. However, its creators have discussed that it may be used as a tiny pet climbing on humans, or could even be used as a movable phone on our shoulders which frees the human hands. With the growth of technology in today’s age, one day soon these robots could become of value to humans. There are robots that vacuum, the iRobot, so the idea of robots helping humans one day is not all fantasy. Clothbot may seem like silly little robot or toy, but looks like it may feel good to have him climbing up your body. Seems weird, but technology is booming! Clothbot may one day be the new technology that everyone must have. You never know!

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