Causes of your embarrassing stomach rumbles pictures


Our bodies are working hard to keep us going 24/7. However, sometimes it does things that can be a tad bit embarrassing, and stomach rumbles are one of those things. Sometimes they are quiet and only we know they are happening. However, at other times, they are loud and it seems like everyone in the room can hear it. So, what causes our tummies to rumble like Winnie the Pooh’s? One reason that our stomachs growl like they do is simply the digestive system working; your muscles contracting to push the food through creates air bubbles, and those can cause these rumbles. However, sometimes our stomachs make these noises when we are hungry, making it seem that there must be something else going on. Well, there is not. When we are hungry, our brains tell our muscles to start working in the same manner as if it were digesting again. Sometimes our tummies make noises when it is upset as well. So how do we combat these irritating and embarrassing growls? There are two main things that will help: eat many small meals during the day instead of three big ones, and eat less gaseous foods. Eating more meals means that there is always something in there to digest, which will at the least quiet those rumbles so no one hears them. If you are prone to these rumbles, follow my advice and help lessen the number of times these moments occur during your life.

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