Henna for hair: What are the colors? pictures


Henna for hair is a wonderful product that will help get rid of your grey. The best part is that henna is completely natural, with no chemicals, and is fast and permanent. Henna for hair will also help repair damaged hair, making it full, glossy, and healthy. Henna is one of the best things you can use as a hair conditioner, helping your hair become think and silky. These dyes are used around the world by people of all cultures and ethnicities. Henna is one of the first hair dyes known to man. Henna dyes are safe for pregnant women, those with allergies, and even cancer patients. There are many colors available, and is great for both men and women. Henna can be used in your hair, eyebrows, and even beards for men.?There is a wide array of colors, so finding that perfect one is simple. These colors are a mixture of henna and indigo, and different mixtures create different colors. Some of these colors include: natural red, strawberry blonde, brown (light and dark), black, mahogany, and indigo. These colors can be mixed and balanced to create new colors. The actual hair color will vary with your current or natural color, so a strand test is always recommended. Henna colors typically take about 48 hours to fully set, so keep this in mind. Henna hair dye will allow you to color your hair without the scalp burn from nasty chemicals. And application is simple: add tap water to the powder, and apply. Most heads only require one application, so pick up some henna, cover that grey, and improve the health of your hair and scalp.

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