Could air conditioning be a cause of your neck pain? pictures


Many of us have suffered from neck pain from sleeping wrong. But did you also know that this pain can be caused by the one thing that keeps us cool during the summer: our air conditioners? This is because of the quick changes in temperature, the chilling of the muscles, which causes our muscles to contract painfully. There are other causes of this pain as well, such a whiplash, which is caused by a violent movement of your spinal column. Emotional tension and working or driving in the same position for many hours can also cause neck pain. Most of the time, your nerve endings become compressed or inflamed. However, there is hope. There are many ways to help you relieve your sore neck so that it does not have to ruin your day completely. Some of these include an anti-inflammatory medication, acetaminophen, application of heat or ice, or simply movement exercises. Sometimes a local injection is required, or in severe cases, surgery is needed. It is a bummer to know that your air conditioning can cause some of the pain that you are experiencing. But knowing what can cause your neck pain is half the battle. The other half is knowing how to fix the issues, and make yourself feel better.

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