Crude oil and cooking oil: What harm do they do? pictures


We have all heard of the BP oil spill, and know that this crude oil is very harmful. But do we really know the harms? Crude oil is filled with toxic properties, and when these toxins become airborne, they can travel for many miles. These toxins cause problems such as trouble breathing, dizziness, nausea, headaches, and confusion. If people with COPD or asthma even come into brief contact with these toxins, they can cause health problems. There are some potential long-term effects of these toxins, which can include kidney, liver, blood, reproductive, or immune system damage. There are also risks of birth defects and cancer. Oils used for cooking can also cause harm to people. To begin with, vegetable oils can cause your good cholesterol to turn into bad cholesterol. Diseases such as heart diseases and breast cancer are caused by the trans-fats in these oils. Another potential issue that can come from eating these oils is intestinal damage, or the chance of food allergies popping up. Auto immune problems can also show up. The chemicals in vegetable oils can cause infertility or sterility. Children can also develop behavioral problems. Staying away from crude oils, and limiting your intake of vegetable oil will help you stay healthy and live a much better life.

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