What causes broken capillaries? pictures


Most of us have had broken capillaries in our lives, and may not even notice it. These show up on the surface of our skin as thin, red threads. They are caused by the widening and narrowing of our capillary walls. This causes tears, which makes the blood seep to the surface of the skin. There are many things that can cause this to happen, and some of them can be avoided. Genetics is one cause, but one that you cannot avoid: if your family has a history of them, chances are you will too. Pregnant women tend to see these often due to the increase in blood flow. Injuries to the legs can cause broken capillaries because of the increased or decreased blood flow. People who stand for long hours, followed by periods of sitting or lying down have an increased chance of getting broken capillaries. Hormones can cause the capillaries to break as well; this is a common cause among pregnant women, children in puberty, and women experiencing menopause. Facial capillary breakage is common because our facial skin is much more sensitive than other parts of out body. These can be caused by a number of factors: sunburn, wind, temperature changes, and even something as simple as your glasses pressing against your face. Broken capillaries are usually nothing to worry about, and happen to nearly everyone. Sometimes you do not even notice them. With so many causes, if you notice these, many times you will not even know where they came from. Worry not. These happen to the best of us!

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