Freckles: What are they? pictures


Freckles. We see them on many people, and often people with them are teased because of them. But do we really know what they are and where they come from? Freckles are simply pigment cells that are combined with our skin cells in small amounts. They are not a sign of being unhealthy, and they certainly are not harmful. Freckles are commonly found in those with fair skin. If you have freckles, you should be careful when in the sun, and they can cause them or make them darker. It is also common for freckles to fade in the winter and come back in the summer. This is the same process as we see in the sun, as the sun will cause fair skin to create more melanin to protect it. We also see freckles fade as we age. This is why most older people, and especially redheads, do not often have freckles. Next time you see someone with freckles, remember that they are just skin cells, and nothing to pick fun of.

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