Can sugar make you fat? pictures


Many people think that eating fatty foods can cause you to get fat; however, that is not entirely true. Refined sugar is one of the main causes of obesity. This is because sugar is converted by the body into fat, meaning the more sugar you eat, the fatter you will be. Sugar gives us such an energy boost because it causes a sudden rise in our glucose levels. When this sugar level drops, you begin to feel hungry and eat. This sugar crash can cause us to become irritable, and this also causes us to eat more. All of the calories that we eat are also stored in the body as fat. This high fat consumption and obesity are also risk factors for heart diseases and diabetes. There are many ways to cut back on the sugar in your diet. To begin with, figure out where most of sugars in your diet are coming from. For most people, about half of the sugar from your diet comes from sweetened drinks. This means that you should completely cut out soda, and instead drink more water. Also, stay away from energy drinks unless you are an athlete. Also try to stay away from ice cream, cakes, and sugary cereals. Keeping a good eye food labels, and stay away from foods that are high in refined sugars. Some of these include canned or packaged fruit, pudding, muffins, fruit juices, and ice cream. Keeping high amounts of sugar out of your diet will help you keep your weight down and live a longer, healthier life.

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