What diseases can smog cause? pictures


Anyone who lives in a large city knows how smog can effect the body: lungs ache, coughing, headache, and wheezing. Smog cannot always be seen, as many of us picture 1800s London. Smog is created by the mixing of air pollutants (gases and particles). It is mostly found in larger cities, but can also be found in rural and suburban areas. There are some factors to think about when we are determining the effects of smog on our health. These can include the levels of pollution, age and health, and how long you have been exposed. Smog can cause your eyes to become irritated, or bother your eyes, nose, and throat. If you have an existing heart or lung condition, smog can make it worse. People with these conditions are effected the most by smog, as are seniors. Children have been known to show symptoms from smog as well because their bodies and respiratory systems are still developing. Many studies have shown that long term exposure can lead to an early death, as well as increase the chances of lung cancer. There are many things that you can do to protect yourself and expose your exposure to smog and the health problems that it can cause. Some of these include not exercising near areas of heavy traffic, talking to your doctor if you have issues currently and live in high smog areas, and limiting the amount of outdoor activities you do outside, especially when levels are high; mainly rush hour times. If you live in a large city limit your exposure to smog and talk to your doctor.

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