Cramps in hands: Why? pictures


Hand cramps can be caused by different reasons, but one of the most common causes is due to injury. The muscles and nerves of the hand can be delicate and even a small injury may cause blood flow to the nerves and muscles to cause cramps.?Diseases such as diabetes that can compromise blood flow to the extremities are another common cause of hand cramps. Even fatigue or over use of the muscles in the hand may lead to hand cramps.?Dystonia and peripheral neuropathy are more serious conditions that may cause muscle cramping as well.?Breathing too rapidly, as when someone is hyperventilating can cause the carbon dioxide in your blood levels to rise, and this may also cause cramping in the hands.?Dehydration, some medicines and low levels of magnesium and calcium have been found to cause cramping. Have you ever heard your Mother say, “Eat a banana or drink a glass of milk”, when you were having a cramp? This was because of the calcium and potassium levels in your body that may have been too low.?Hand cramps can also be an indication of more serious diseases, and as with all symptoms, check with your doctor.

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