How to stop biting your nails pictures


Most of us have at times bitten our nails, usually because we are nervous. However, for some people, that habit we begin in childhood never goes away, though as we get older it becomes less common. In fact, about 60% of children have this habit, where only about 45% of teens do. One of the main reasons that people bite their nails is to keep their body occupied while their brain is bored. Other reasons include loneliness, or even genes. Nail biting is so bad because it can literally destroy the nail and skin around the hand, and is sometimes seen as a type of self-destruction (think cutting). So how do we help our children and ourselves stop this nasty habit? Well, there are many things that can help. There is a bitter nail polish on the market that is great, or you can simply try a clear nail polish to discourage biting. If you keep your nails trimmed, you will have less to chew on. Spending some money on a great manicure helps because you will want to keep them looking good. Lastly, find another way to help relieve your stress, such as yoga. If you have tried to quit for many years, talk to a doctor and make sure that its not something more serious, such as OCD. Nail biting can be cured with just a little time and effort.

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