Why cereals are healthy pictures


We all know that some cereals are not very good for us; they are full of sugars and fat. However, there are many out there that are good for us, and can help keep us healthy. Those that are high in whole grains will give us a good amount of minerals and vitamins. Also those that are high in fiber are healthy as well. There are many health benefits that the right cereal can give you. Cereals high in whole grain contain magnesium and selenium, which are great to helping you build strong and healthy bones. These grains are also high in dietary fiber, which can give you a great, healthy digestive system. On top of this, these grains will help you lower your bad cholesterol, keep a normal and healthy weight, steady your blood pressure, reduce inflammation, and prevent diabetes. All of these are risk factors for heart diseases. Complex B vitamins contained in whole grains also will help improve your metabolism. If you are pregnant, eating these whole grain cereals will help you protect your baby, especially early on in the your pregnancy (during the first trimester). Folate, a B vitamin, is rich in whole grain cereals. This helps the body form red blood cells, and not having enough of these could cause your baby to have spinal or brain defects. Eating enough cereals that are high in whole grain will help you be healthier. Stay away from too many sugary cereals, even though they usually are the more tasty ones. Cereals high in whole grains are a great health benefit for you. Add a little fruit, and they will be not only nutritious, but also delicious!

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