Can waxing hurt your capillaries? pictures


Many people nowadays worry about their looks, and hate shaving so often. So, they turn to waxing instead. While this may be a little more painful, it last much longer than shaving, and gives you much smoother skin. However, sometimes waxing is not all good for us. It can irritate the skin, burn it, or create scabs. There are many situations in which one should not wax. Being pregnant, on birth control pills, or on hormone therapy causes the skin to become more sensitive. Always do a test patch first. People who either smoke or have Rosacea can have real problems with waxing. This is because waxing can irritate the capillaries which are dilated, weak, or broken. These are very common with Rosacea and in smokers. Do not wax if you have either of these issues. People who take blood thinners or have diabetes should not wax, or at least should talk to a doctor first. Waxing can irritate even the most normal skin, so if you have any type of skin condition, talk to a doctor first. Or you can simply stay away from waxing all together. If you want to keep your skin glowing and gorgeous, stick to shaving. Laser removal is another great option, and is much more permanent than waxing, though is much more expensive. There are other options out there. Waxing can be great, but you should always use caution when around it. Do not destroy your skin for the sake of beauty. Keep it looking great and healthy today!

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