Why the phone is alienating pictures


Many people nowadays have smartphones, but there is evidence that these are causing us to alienate ourselves from each other. At the tips of our fingers we have email, news, games, and social networking. This is causing us to become distracted, and our social interaction with people on a day to day basis is now lacking, not to mention many people forget their manners when they are using their phones. People with smartphones are typically less skittish about having their personal conversations in public, and are much more detached from their surroundings. Those who have these phones have shown that they pay less attention to their surroundings, and have a hard time navigating cities and remembering places. They also are more disruptive to others, and violate social norms on a consistent basis. Many of them think that their privacy is not effected when they are in public. We also are talking to people less for help. Why talk to people when we have Google Maps? Why ask someone what they think about a topic when we can discuss it on the web? Cell phones have caused us to alienate each other in person, and we spend less time now having real interactions with our families and friends. Many people also talk much louder when they are on cell phones, which is rude and obnoxious in public places. Along these lines also comes loud and annoying ringtones. With so many bad habits that we pick up when we are using these mobile devices, our society is getting weaker and our manners have gone out the window. Pay attention when you are on your phone in public, and try to use those manners that you were taught as a child.

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