New birthing techniques pictures


All women know about the traditional birthing methods, in a hospital and uncomfortable. However, there are many other options. To begin with, a home birth will be much more comfortable and less expensive than going to a hospital. Many women nowadays use epidurals and medication during childbirth, but a natural childbirth, free of any medications, is a great option and has been done more and more recently. A great option for your birth is a water birth. Giving birth in a bathtub or jacuzzi is a great soothing option, and many hospitals are offering options for water births. Hypno-birthing is a newer method. Many say No pain, no gain, and this method helps you do just that. If you think dreaming about a great beach or spending time in Paris will help, then check out hypno-birthing and see if it is right for you. Reflexology is done using a great foot rub and pressure points that help you focus and relax during labor and delivery. One more great option is using aromatherapy. Your favorite scents in your birthing room will help you relax and focus, so be sure to pack your favorite candles in your bag, or have them ready at home before you go into labor. No longer do you have to stick with traditional, medicinal hospital births. There are many other options available, and there is one that will fit your lifestyle and desires. Do some research and see which is the one for you!

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