Why the Nails Turn Yellow pictures


Beautiful nails are the result of a regular beauty routine, but sometimes even the most fastidious regimen may not prevent yellowing of the nails. There are a few different causes that can make nails turn an unsightly yellow or brown color. The first thing to check is your general, overall health. Yellow nails may sometimes indicate an imbalance in the body such as diabetes or a vitamin or mineral deficiency.?Another cause of yellow nails can be from oxygen deprivation. This can occur from using nail polish continuously so that the nails cannot breathe. This will turn them a yellow, unhealthy color. Try leaving your nails bare for a week or two in between polishing if this is the cause.?Smoking can cause the fingernails to become stained an ugly, yellow or brown color. Soaking in a solution of bleach and water will restore the color, if this is the cause of your condition.?Lastly, a nail fungus, which can be an internal infection, may be the cause of your nails turning yellow. While fingernail fungus is easier to treat than toe nail fungus, it will still require a physicians diagnosis. There are many topical creams and lotions on the market, but some fungus will only respond to antibiotics. Make sure you know the root cause before you treat your symptoms of yellow nails.

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