What is the nature of your dreams? pictures


Nearly all living beings sleep. This is simply because we need to give our minds and bodies rest, and time to rejuvenate. The body is an amazing machine and because of this, created a way for us to sleep and rest, yet not be totally shut down. Think of dreaming as putting your car in idle when you plan on leaving in a few moments. It would be dangerous for humans and animals alike to go into a coma when they sleep; this would leave us vulnerable to large and dangerous enemies and situations. Dreams allow us to sleep, yet stay alert enough to wake up to a loud sound. This is due to random impulses in the brainstem, which never sleeps. These impulses often trigger other responses in the brain, while not fully awakening and engaging the whole brain. These impulses create dreams, which keep us from falling into a coma, and allow us to wake quickly during dangerous or hazardous times. Because dreams come from random brain impulses, it is hard, if not impossible, to determine what our dreams mean. While some dreams which are scary or recurring may have some meaning, in general there is no interpretation. So lie down, sleep, dream, and know that should the need occur, your body will wake you up. You are not totally vulnerable.

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