Why Smoking is Dangerous pictures


Years ago, especially during WWII, cigarette smoking was promoted as glamorous and chic. Smoking was considered nothing more than a í░bad habití▒ by some and a social prop that made young men and girls feel sophisticated. If they had only known what we know today about the grave and serious dangers of cigarette smoking, millions of lives would have been spared a horrible death.?There is no middle ground here; cigarettes destroy lives. Most cigarettes today contain over 3,000 known chemicals with deadly carcinogens that are scientifically proven to cause cancer, among many other diseases. Heart disease is the number one killer of men and women today, just edging out cancer deaths due to cigarette smoking. The diseases that nicotine and the myriad of chemicals ingested when a person smokes a cigarette are numerous, including cancers of all the vital organs in the body, not just lung cancer. Oh yes, did I mention lung cancer is fatal??Of course one of the most dangerous aspects of cigarette smoking is not just what is does to a smokerí»s health, but how it affects the health of the people and pets they live with. Smoking is now attributed to lung and respiratory ailments in children and pets that live with a smoker. The dangers are obvious and the price is way too high to keep up a smoking habit. Quit today!

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