When Makeup Is Bad pictures


The first time you put on make up to go out as a young girl is a moment most women will never forget. Unless you were a natural, that is naturally good at applying the endless variety of cosmetics, you most likely tried out your best friends eyeliner or mascara with a less than perfect result. ?Needless to say, the first make up rule a young girl should learn is never use anyone elses make up or hair brush. The rules to a maintaining an effective beauty routine includes knowing when to throw out makeup that has been in your drawer of purse for more than 6 months. This is one time when makeup is bad for you.?Unlike foods, make up companies are not required to place expiration dates on their products. Make up that has been lying around for over a few months can be harmful to your skin, eyes or lips. Bacteria can collect on your unwashed brush applicators, so use a specially formulated cleanser to clean your blush, eye shadow and eyebrow brushes at least once a month. Use common sense and replenish your make up every 6 months.

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