Weight and height: what is the relation? pictures


Many studies have revealed the connection between weight and height and several diseases. Health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity have been found to have a direct relationship to the BMI (Body, Mass Index) and the relationship between weight and height especially in children?One of the largest epidemics in our society today is the startling number of obese children in our countries. Never before has a generation of children been destined to die at a younger age than their parents or the generations before them.?Children and young adults who exceed the healthy ration of weight to height are more susceptible to malnutrition, high blood pressure and the incidence of diabetes has been recorded in children as young as four years old. This would have been unheard of a generation ago.?The body, mass index in a way of calculating a healthy ratio of body fat in relation to weight and height.? A person is considered obese if he is more than 20 pounds over his body, mass index ratio. Knowing your BMI can help you find out if you need to diet and exercise to prevent the diseases inherent in an unhealthy weight to height ratio.

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