Cellulite: What Are The Causes? pictures


Many women have issues with cellulite: it’s ugly, fatty, and depressing. However, most of us do not know what really causes it, other than pregnancy. Cellulite is created by fat deposits just below the surface of the skin. Typically we see cellulite on the abdomen, lower limbs, and pelvic area. There are three grades of cellulite. Grade 1 is not noticeable to the naked eye, but can be seen with a microscopic examination of your cells. Grade 2 occurs when the skin becomes pasty, has a low temperature, and has decreased elasticity. Grade 3 has all the grade 2 problems, plus the visible roughness of the skin. Although both genders can be effected by cellulite, women are more prone to the issues because of the particular types of fat and tissue they have. While there is no definite cause of cellulite, there are many theories. Some of these include: hormones, such as estrogen, insulin, and thyroid; certain genes are required for the development of cellulite and can predispose an individual; diet can effect cellulite growth, mainly in those who eat too much fat, carbs, or salt; lifestyle has been shown to be a possible cause, as those who smoke and do not exercise; and clothing that is too tight can limit blood flow and cause the formation of cellulite. You can prevent the growth of this unsightly cellulite by eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, lowering your stress level, and wearing loose clothing. These tips will all keep your body weight down and normal, which will not only reduce cellulite formation, but also help you live a healthier life.

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