The Benefits of Zumba Fitness pictures


The whole world is learning how to Zumba thanks to the internet and the Zumba Dance/Fitness creator, Beto Perez. Mr. Perez says this is the largest branded fitness program in the world with over 12 million weekly practitioners in over 125 countries.?How many times have you decided to skip your workout?? Now you can feel as if you are going to a party to have a great time, dance until you cant stop smiling and its all because of the newest fitness craze called Zumba Fitness.?Zumba is a dance/fitness program choreographed to upbeat Latin music rhythms that are fun and designed to target all the benefits of a gym workout program, but without the drudgery. Zumba offers a great cardio workout, as well as toning every muscle group in the body. Resistance training is also incorporated into the workout using what Mr. Perez calls toning sticks that are similar to maracas and help tone the body.?Shown to reduce stress, this is a fantastic way to lose weight, burn calories all in a party like atmosphere. In fact, the motto of the Zumba Fitness team is Ditch the workout, join the party.

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