Shiny Hair With Vinegar pictures


There are hundreds of hair products on the market today.? All claim to be the best product you can buy. Save yourself hundreds of dollars and use this old fashioned beauty secret to get the shiniest hair you have ever had. A tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a sinkful of warm water will rinse away built up residue and restore the natural luster of your hair. This simple everyday household item has long been a beauty treatment for skin and hair.?No need to rinse out the apple cider vinegar when you are done. You will notice a soapy film in the rinse water. This is all the built up soap and conditioner that was still clinging to your hair. The vinegar smell will evaporate, leaving your hair clean smelling and fresh. The shine will be amazing and you will find if you suffer from frizzy or fly away hair, this will be gone too.?Another fabulous result from using apple cider vinegar as a hair rinse, besides the shine and health of your hair is how wonderful your scalp will feel. The vinegar restores the Ph balance to your scalp and helps rid the scalp of itching due to dryness, especially in the cold winter months.

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