Grandma¡¯s remedies pictures


There is so much wisdom in myth and folk tales. Folk remedies continue to prove effective in our modern world, even though they are centuries old and have been handed down from generation to generation.

Here are some of Grandma¡¯s remedies for menstrual pain.

  • Chamomile tea to calm the nervous system
  • A hot water bottle or a plastic soda bottle filled with hot water to relax the muscles
  • Chocolate has always soothed women throughout the ages, and has chemicals that release endorphins that can elevate your mood. While Grandma may have craved chocolate during her monthly periods, she was most likely unaware that the magnesium contained in chocolate helps to ease cramping and ease pain.
  • Heated red wine will also ease muscles and cramping. It was thought that red wine was important to replace the lost blood during a woman¡¯s menstrual cycles.
  • Cramp bark, as its name suggests, was also used as a tea or tisane in France and Europe to helps ease some of the discomfort of women¡¯s menstrual periods
  • The Native American tribes had a special ¡°Moon Lodge¡± where women could get away from their husbands and children and rest during their cycles. Most women in tribes or who live together will menstruate at the same times. It was one of the first women¡¯s retreats!

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