Fried Food is Bad pictures


We all love the taste of fried food. There is nothing that tastes as good as a greasy, hamburger fried in bacon fat or a plate of french fries golden and dripping from the fryer basket.?But the negative effects on our health are well documented and should send a strong message that fried food is bad for us. The first thing we need to be aware of is the fat content in fired food. Foods that are broiled or baked contain less than half the amount of calories and fat content as fried foods.?High cholesterol is a major factor in heart disease. Fried foods are known to increase our bad cholesterol and this can lead to blocked arteries and eventually heart disease, the number one killer in the United States. Heart disease can also be accompanied by strokes and high blood pressure. These symptoms can be reversed through diet if they are caught and treated in the early stages. It is a well known fact that diet alone can reverse heart disease, according the studies verified by doctors. A vegetarian diet of fruits, grains and vegetables has been show to reverse heart disease when used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle change.

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