An apple a day keeps the doctor away pictures


People love apples with their crunch and juice. And we all know that apples are good for us. But do we know what to look for in a good apple, and what they really do to help make us more healthy? Read on, and you can find out for yourself. Finding a good, quality is simple: when you are shopping for them, you just have to look for a few things. You can get a nice fresh apple year round. When shopping, pick the apples and fruits that are bright, firm, and fresh, which will guarantee they are rich with flavor. Apples with marks from pressure on their skin usually are not the most healthy, and should not be bought. Storing fresh apples and keep their quality up is easy. Storing them at room temperature will allow them to keep a few days, but keeping them in a cold refrigerator will keep them good for a few weeks. Before you eat them, make sure to wash them under cold water. The health benefits that a nice quality apple will give you are great. Apples are low in calories, contain no cholesterol or saturated fats, and is high in dietary fiber, which can help reduce the chances of cancer. Apples also contain lots of vitamin-c, which helps us prevent infection. They can also help us lower our blood pressure and control our heart rate with the potassium that they have. The old saying, An apple a day keeps the doctor away is true. Apples are full of vitamins and nutrients, and buying a good quality apple is simple. Use your instincts: if it looks bad, it probably is.

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