Natural hair dyes pictures


Many people hate their hair color and want to change it, but worry about the chemicals in commercial hair dyes. These can not only be harsh, but can also harm your hair. However, there are many safe and inexpensive alternatives to these commercial dyes. Chamomile is one of the most used herbal dyes, especially among blondes. Rinsing weekly with chamomile will get rid of brown streaks that are caused by the sun, and will also help brighten dishwater blonde hair. Lemon also makes a great hair lightener, and drying your hair in the sun if possible after using a lemon rinse will boost it’s power. Rhubarb roots will give you gorgeous honey-colored tones. For thousands of years, people have used powder from the henna shrub to get an auburn tint in their hair. If you have darker hair, sage is a great way to deepen your color, as well as cover those ugly grays. Another great option for darkening your hair is using tag alder bark. Walnut hulls can give a sable color to your hair, but be careful when using these: they can stain anything they touch. Anytime you are using a new dye in your hair, make sure to do a test spot, or cut some of you hair and do a test. When it comes to hair dye, we do not want a surprise. Do a little research online and find good recipes and tips on using these natural dyes, and get the color you have been looking for now.

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