The properties of cabbage pictures


History shows us that cabbage has traditionally been used during many eras, and even as a staple in some of those. However in todays society, it is not used nearly as often. And with its many health benefits, its quite a shame. Here we will discuss a few of those, and show you why many recommend that cabbage be eaten 2-3 times per week. One of the best health benefits of cabbage is that it is known to lower ones risk of developing colon cancer. Those populations who have traditionally eaten cabbage in high amounts have been shown to have lower incidents of colon cancer. There are two reasons for this: its high fiber content, which helps the intestines stay healthy, and its chemicals which help prevent the growth of tumors and protect cells. Cabbage also contains chemicals that speed up the metabolism of estrogen, protecting against breast, ovarian, and uterine cancers. Aging signs can be slowed by eating cabbage due to the many antioxidants that it possesses. Pregnant women and their babies will benefit from cabbage because of its folic acid content which prevents spina bifida in newborns. On top of all this, cabbage is also low calorie. With so many ways to eat cabbage, there is no reason why you are not including some of it in your weekly diet.

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