Nail varnish: What is it? pictures


Nail varnish, also known as nail polish, is something that most females, and a few males have used in their lifetime. There are four main ingredients in nail varnish: filming agents, solvents, coloring agents, and resins and plasticizers. Every company has its own combination of these; that’s why there are so many brands on the market. Nail varnishes come in nearly every color, ranging from clear to red to neon. There are even some that glow in the dark! Nail varnish is typically used as an accessory, but is also great for covering dents, chips, or discoloration that we don’t like. Typically, the first step is to use a base coat which will prevent discoloration from dark colors. Secondly, the nail polish goes on. Good polish should be put on in even strokes. When this layer dries, lastly you want to put on a top coat. This is clear, and will not only add a little shine, but will also prevent chipping and dents in the color. There are some varnishes that are all in one: base, polish, and top coat. If you have weak nails, there are some that will help strengthen these. If you are rough on your hands, there is a long-lasting formula that is more durable and will not chip as easily. Choosing a shade can be easy, especially with so many options available. Sometimes you want a good neutral color, other times you may want something more fun. The choice is yours. There is something to go with every mood, and every outfit. Nail polish should not hurt your nails. The remover can sometimes hurt, because of the acetone in it. But overall, this should not be a painful experience. Enjoy it, and have some fun!

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