Passive Smoking pictures


When you smoke, you are effecting your own health and that is your decision. However, passive smoking, also called í░environmental tobacco smokeí▒ or secondhand smoke exposes others around you to these dangers as well. They have no choice. This is a serious health risk to the children and adults? that are around you, and to the public in general. There are two types of smoke that nonsmokers can be exposed to when you choose to smoke: side-stream and mainstream. Side-stream smoke comes from the tip of the cigarette; the smoke that is created just by the burning of the cigarette. Mainstream smoke is the smoke that you have inhaled into your lungs and exhaled into the atmosphere. Side-stream smoke is the most harmful, and about 4/5 of the smoke buildup in a room come from this type. This smoke contains double the amount of nicotine and tar that the smoker himself is inhaling. Research has shown that nonsmokers who have been exposed to either type of secondhand smoke have tobacco-specific carcinogens in their blood and urine samples. Increased exposure to these carcinogens can increase the chance of lung cancer by up to 25%.? This is high for someone not choosing to be smoke or be exposed to these effects. The most damage associated with secondhand smoke is found in developing children. This can? increase the amount of hospital trips and sicknesses that your child develops. In short, passive smoke is much more dangerous than many people think. Do not expose your family to these nasty carcinogens.

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