Carrots: Tanning natural pictures


Many of us hate the winter tan we get. It’s too cold to go outside, or there is simply no sun out there. Well, we no longer have to have that issue. Research has shown that simply by eating more carrots, which contain carotenoids, can give you skin a glow that will look like a tan. These antioxidants fight the compounds that come from our daily stress, which are worse when our body is fighting sickness. Carotenoids are found in both carrots and tomatoes, and help the immune system, as well as the reproductive system. These carotenoids will help give you the perfect skin tone, and is a natural pigment, so it will not damage the skin. Research has also proven that people prefer the tanned skin of someone who eats more carrots and carotenoids over someone who is tanned from the sun. Some research says that cooking your carrots before you eat them will be more beneficial to you if trying to tan. Beware that too many carrots can cause carotenosis, with is not harmful, but will turn your skin color orange, and no one wants to look like an oompa loompa. Carrots are much safer than a tanning booth, and everyone knows too much sun can burn and dry out the skin. If you have pale skin, or are a red head who burns very easily, adding some more carrots, or for that matter any food that contains carotenoids, will improve your skin tones safely, giving you a great tan with a beautiful glow. Make sure to keep a balance with these foods to get that perfect skin tone you are looking for.

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