Food Supplements Make You Fat? pictures


According to some alternative medical practitioners, food supplement may be making you gain weight. Although some supplements to our vitamin and mineral depleted foods are necessary, taking too many supplements can actually cause your intestines to stop absorbing the nutrients and build up resistance that blocks the nutrients from entering your system. You many sometimes notice if you have taken an overload of vitamins that your urine will turn a day- glow yellow color. This indicates that most of the vitamin and minerals are being expelled by your body rather than absorbed.

Another reason it may appear that you are gaining weight from taking food supplements is that they make your body work more efficiently. This means if you have not altered your diet to include healthy fruits and vegetable, and you are still eating a diet including white starches and sugars, a supplement will increase their effects making you gain instead of lose weight.

One other reason it may seem you are gaining weight is that you may be increasing your muscle mass. Muscles weigh more that body fat. While muscle toning and tightening will give you more streamlined look, food supplements may add pounds, but not inches.

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