Effects of Smoking on Hair pictures


Have you ever seen the interior of a car owned by a smoker? Chances are the first thing you will notice is the unpleasant nicotine smell. The next thing you will see if the car has a light colored interior such as white, beige or grey are the brown stains all along the interior. Now imagine how being in a car or a room filled with smoke might affect your hair!

Needless to say, the smoke in any environment will cling to your hair and your clothes giving them a brown coating of nicotine, just as it coats the ceilings and drapes in a home where someone smokes regularly. Have you ever smelled your hair after being in smoky nightclub or bar for an evening? Your hair can absorb all the unpleasant toxins from being in a smoke filled room and the results will be a dull coating on your hair and a very unpleasant smell.

If you are a smoker yourself, you are even more susceptible to toxins from within your body that will have a deleterious effect on the condition of your hair. Not only does smoking destroy the collagen that keeps your skin from wrinkling, it also destroys the collagen that can dull your hair and your fingernails, which are made up of collagen and protein. If you want your hair to have a healthy shine and glossy freshness, stay away from smoking and second hand smoke.

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