Cod Liver Oil pictures


In Scandinavian countries where there is little or no sunlight for much of the winter months, cod liver oil was used by mothers for generations to make sure their children received enough vitamin D and Vitamin A. Many children dreaded this spoonful of horrid tasting, slimy liquid, but never the less, it was necessary for proper growth and development.

Cod liver oil has been used to treat many different ailments. Today cod liver oil comes in capsules so as to avoid the extremely unpleasant taste. It also comes in lemon flavored oil to ease the harsh taste as well. Some of the ailments that have been treated with cod liver oil are joint pain, muscle pain, brain function and heart ailments. It lowers blood pressure and can ease the stiffness and joint pain of arthritis.

With all its wonderful properties, in todays health arena, cod liver oil has also been criticized for using the liver of the cod fish, many of which are caught in polluted waters. The liver in all animals is meant to flush out toxins in the body. If cod liver oil is made from fish caught in polluted waters, the transfer of toxins could create a danger for people who ingest this product.

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