More Benefits of Folic Acid pictures


Many of us have heard of folic acid. Most women know how important this is during pregnancy to help us have healthy babies. We have known for years that this helps prevent miscarriages and birth defects. However, recent research has also proven that folic acid can help prevent some types of autism. Some of the highest numbers was a 40% less risk of having a child with autism if mom takes folic acid supplements during pregnancy. Eating lots of greens during pregnancy helps, but in order to get enough, supplements will have to be consumed. The most crucial time for this is the 4 weeks before conception through 8 weeks of pregnancy. That is the most critical growth period for baby. While the research on autism is still in the works and inconclusive, we know quite a bit about it. The absolute chance of having an autistic child is small, so preventing it is still difficult as the causes are still somewhat a mystery. The bottom line here is that when you are planning on becoming pregnant, or already are, you should take your prenatal vitamins, eat healthy, green food, and live an overall healthy life. How you treat your baby in-womb will determine how healthy they start their life.

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