A New Trend: Bikram Yoga pictures


Hot yoga is not exactly new to the modern yoga community. Bikram Choudhury, founder and sometimes controversial inventor of Hot Yoga has been teaching his brand of yoga in the US since the 1970s. As a child in India, Bikram entered yoga contests in his native India and became a proficient yogi developing his style through competitions.?Todays yoga enthusiasts want to take their practice to deeper and more challenging levels. Bikram yoga offers a cutting edge, stimulating yoga routine that is said to ease tight muscles, eliminate toxins in the body and create a peaceful feeling for the students.

Although all Hatha(physical postures) yoga will accomplish the same benefits, Bikram yoga claims that his method of 26 standard postures combines with 2 breathing techniques practiced in a heated room of 105F (40.6C) will accelerate these benefits.

Many dancers and athletes that have tried Bikram yoga say they are better able to stretch their muscles and ligaments, and feel more flexibility due to the heated practice rooms.

Although Bikram yoga has been around for a while, a new trend in Hot Yoga has definitely taken hold once again on

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