Onions: good for cholesterol pictures


Have you ever noticed that most pork meals are served with beer? This was one way to cut the fat in a very fatty meal. Onions have been used the world over to counteract a fatty diet and paired with fatty meals have always been a staple in every great cooks repertoire. Garlic and onions have long been seen as a healthy and necessary addition to every diet.

Onions, according to recent studies have been found to lower the unwanted cholesterol and raise the beneficial cholesterol in the body. It is required to eat onions raw, however to receive the most benefit found by a scientific study at Harvard University. Raw onion or eating a half of a raw onion per day was found to help lower cholesterol by at least 30 percent.

It has also been established that red, raw onions contain even more health related benefits, including lowering cholesterol levels in the blood.

If you have been diagnosed with high cholesterol levels, try adding raw onions to your diet. You may find they are the answer to lowering your cholesterol without resorting to medications that also cause harmful side effects.

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