Fish is healthy, but why? pictures


We all hear that fish is essential to a healthy diet, but many of us do not know why it is so healthy. Well, the answer is that there are many reasons why we should eat fish and have a steady amount of it in our diets. Many oily fish, such as herring, mackerel and other saltwater fish, are full of Omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids help keep your cholesterol down, as well as protecting your heart and blood circulation, and reducing the risk of heart disease and some cancers. These fatty acids also can help our brains to develop, boost our immune systems, and reduce blood clots. Omega-3 acids can lower the risk of stroke, Alzheimer’s, and depression. Fish can also give us many vitamins that help us maintain our nerve tissue, give us strong teeth and bones and help our complexion. Muscles and tissue are also kept healthy form the low fat and/or protein contents in the fish. Fish is also full of many essential minerals that our bodies need to stay healthy, such as zinc, iodine, and iron. On top of these great pluses, fish has been said to help one’s love life. Oysters, as well as many other shellfish, are said to act as aphrodisiacs! With the many benefits of fish and seafood, there are few reasons why you should not eat fish on a regular basis. If you are worried about mercury, do a little research and find out which fish are higher in mercury than others. With so many types of fish and ways to cook them, there is a fish out there that you can enjoy eating, and get all the benefits out of it.

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