Pizza: The Origins pictures


While the exact origins of pizza is still a mystery, there are many different styles of food that have been cooked for centuries by many different people that could be considered pizza. Most people think of pizza and know that it came from Italy. After all, the word pizza is said to come from an Italian word meaning a point. But pizza could have come from the Greeks, Romans, or anyone else who mixed water with flour and cooked on a hot stone. In 6th Century BC, soldiers from the Persian Empire would bake a flat bread on their shields and top it with cheese and dates. In Rome during the 3rd Century BC, they would make a flat bread and top it with olive oil, honey, and herbs. The ruins of Pompeii, in 79 AD, produced evidence that a flat cake made of flour was baked and widely eaten. There was also evidence of a large pizza oven. Around 1522, when tomatoes were first introduced to Europeans, people would add them to their dough and created the first pizza as we know it. The first US pizzeria is said to have opened in 1905, by a man named Gennaro Lombardi. The amazing deep-dish Chicago-style pizza was invented in 1943 by Ike Sewell. Pizza has been around much longer than most of us think, and possibly did not come from Italy originally. The idea of a pizza, or pie-type dough with toppings has been around for thousands of years. And as we all know, this love of pizza continues to this day, and will for many years to come!

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