Do People Live Longer In A City Or Country? pictures


In the past, those who lived in the country lived longer lives due to the pollution and diseases that ran rampant in the big cities. However, that has now reversed. Most of the big cities have cleaned up the crime, crowding, and diseases. They have spread out and calmed down. Believe it or not, rural residents have seen an increase in obesity and smoking. Those who live in the country have also seen an increase in health issues such as diabetes, heart attack, and high blood pressure. While this is not true every where in the world, generally these statistics are accurate. A big reason why this is now true has to do with age, education, and income of those living in cities. Those living in rural areas are less exposed to health care options and less likely to have obtained private health insurance. Another sign that the city may be a better place to live is the higher incidence of traffic accident deaths. There are a few causes of this: higher speed limits and longer emergency response times. Those living in the country, or more rural areas, do show a lower rate of asthma and fewer allergies. Another advantage to living in the country is the lower numbers of mental health issues, which can be attributed to higher incidents of stress in the city. So, is city or country life the better option for living longer? It seems that the city would be the answer, but with so many factors and variables, you must make that determination on your own.

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