Ayurvedic Massage pictures


Ayurvedic traditions date back to 3000 BC and incorporate an awareness of the mind-body connection for health and well-being. Ayurvedic massage is an essential treatment for many specific conditions as well as to reduce stress, ease joint pain, activate the lymphatic system and eliminate toxins.

Ayurvedic massage therapists often work under the direction and guidance of an Ayurvedic doctor who recommends the type of massage needed and the types of medicinal oils that should be used.There are different types of massage techniques depending on the treatment, such as the long hand strokes used in a rejuvenating herbal oil rub or the pounding movements made with cotton cloths filled with herbs that are prescribed for treatments of specific ailments.

This massage therapy has special techniques and movements for the entire body — from the head for sinus, migraine and asthma complaints to the feet which are central to relieving stress and are particularly effective for sufferers of hypertension and diabetes. Different oils and herbs are used depending on the patients condition and any perceived blockages.

An Ayurvedic consultation will give you recommendations for herbal medicines, beneficial yoga movements and postures, and guidelines for a healthy diet in addition to specifying the type?of massage therapy needed. This holistic tradition is founded on treating the entire body and opening the energy channels that keep the body whole and healthy.

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