Why Cycling Is Good! pictures


Cycling is a form of exercise that works your entire body while not overburdening your weight- bearing joints. While most people are familiar with the effect cycling can have on your calves, thighs and buttocks, the effort necessary to keep your body upright and balanced exercises your core and lower back muscles. Strong core muscles are increasingly recognized as essential for healthy and pain-free movement.

This sport also has beneficial effects on your cardiovascular system. According to the Harvard Health Letter, a cyclist riding at 14-16 mph reaps the same benefits as a runner whos running at 10 mph, without the risks of injuries to the knees, shins, hips and feet that can often put a runner out of commission. Cycling lets you build up the intensity necessary to strengthen your lungs and heart which can result in lowered blood pressure, lowered resting heart rate and decreased risk of heart attacks and strokes.

This form of exercise is especially good for the overweight and even can be used by people who have difficulty walking or supporting their own weight. As they build strength and stamina, they can lose the weight and progress to more difficult and hilly rides. Best of all, theyll have fun doing it. Cycling is relaxing and enjoyable, and its the perfect way to see the glories of nature while you get healthy.

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