Halitosis: What Are the Secrets to Combat It? pictures


Its rather upsetting and embarrassing when you discover you have bad breath. A good friend may tell you, or you might be able to detect it yourself by blowing into your hands. Sometimes, halitosis is caused by medical conditions, and you might want to schedule a visit to your doctor. Before you do that; however, there are some simple steps you can try to combat halitosis.

Avoid garlic-laden and spicy foods, alcohol and cigarettes. These three account for most cases of bad breath. If you do indulge, take along a toothbrush and toothpaste and brush afterwards. Chew on some fresh parsley sprigs or chlorophyll tablets to neutralize any offensive odors. If youre dieting, you may have halitosis from the metabolic changes going on in your body. This can occur especially when dieters are on high-protein diets. Dont give up on your diet but do brush frequently and monitor your breath.

Dental problems are another set of culprits that may be the cause of your halitosis. Brush both your teeth and your tongue thoroughly after meals and before bedtime, and follow that with flossing. Have regular dental checkups to make sure your teeth and gums are healthy.

Drink plenty of water during the day to keep your mouth hydrated and remove stray particles of food. Eat whole grains and fruit and limit your consumption of sodas and sweets. If your mouth is naturally dry, suck on lemon drops or chew sugar-free gum to maintain the proper levels of saliva. If the condition persists, discuss it with your physician.

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