Is Pilates Right for You? pictures


You probably know someone who is practicing Pilates regularly or have heard about its wonderful benefits through the Media. You may have seen it advertised in womení»s magazines or online. Pilates, contrary to popular belief, is not related to yoga, although some of the main principles of Hatha yoga are utilized in a Pilates workout. Many yoga practitioners who are searching for a more vigorous workout find that Pilates is a great way to incorporate the best of both disciplines. Breath control and the mind body connection are of equal importance for each type of workout. The main benefit of a Pilates work out is that more attention in directed to the physical strengthening of the í░coreí▒ muscles of the body while addressing the proper alignment of the pelvis and spinal column.

Pilates is designed to strengthen the core muscles of the body through intense focus of the mind during specific exercises, sometimes enhanced with special equipment. Joseph Pilates, the founder of the system also held to a six principled system that included centering, concentration, control, flow, precision and breathing techniques. If you are looking for a more dynamic workout than you are getting in your yoga classes, give Pilates a try. You will love the results.

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