Curiosities about latest í«unusualí» beauty treatments pictures


Here’s the latest news from around the world

  1. Fish Pedicures: many small fish that feed on dead skin cells. Also available in Italy, a session lasts between 30 minutes to an hour and the price varies from 35 to 50euros. Abstain people ticklish!
  2. Gold facial: gold mask! Light 24-carat gold leaf applied on the face promoting the production of collagen and toning the skin. The high cost of $ 250 is nearly obvious!
  3. Fire cupping: iThis is a Chinese medicine method. Small containers are placed on the back and, with the help of a cotton swab moistened with alcohol and set on fire, it heats the air inside the small goblets then applied to the skin to have a ?’suction cap’ efect, but thereí»s a scalding on the skin risk. Beauty comes at a price? Maybe.
  4. Massage with diamonds: a health club in Santa Monica, California, offers a massage at home by using diamonds worth a million dollars. For VIP only.
  5. Pigeon droppings: Exactly. The droppings purified with UV and used as a powder to mix with other products, would ensure a cleaner and brighter skin. Hold your noses.

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