What are the advantages of an electronic cigarette? pictures


Most of us have seen and heard of e-cigarettes, but dont really know what they are and how they work. Well, let me give you the gist of it. These are different from traditional cigarettes because they contain no tobacco; instead there is a mechanism inside that heats liquid nicotine, creating a vapor that smokers can inhale and exhale just like a regular cigarette. One should be aware that these are not FDA regulated in the US, and many agencies around the world are taking a closer look and discussing creating regulations around these e-cigarettes. One great thing about these is that there is no smell since nothing is actually being burned. If a smoker is trying to wean off of smoking, this is a great alternative because your nicotine intake will depend on the cartridge that you put in it. This next point can be either positive or negative: these e-cigarettes offer a number of flavored cartridges, including strawberry, chocolate, and bubble gum. While this may appeal to some adults, many worry that this will appeal to children. There is some upkeep for these, though it is minimal. The cartridges must be changed when empty, but there is also a battery in them that has to be replaced on regular occasion. So will and should you switch to these e-cigarettes? Do some research on your own and make the right, informed decision.

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