You can change your personality pictures


We all wish, at some point in our lives, that we could change things about ourselves, things that we often assume we are stuck with: our personality traits. But are we really born with these traits, and can we really do nothing about them? Researchers are now saying we can in fact change some of these traits. In fact, psychologist Kazimierz Dabrowski says that our personality is something that we work to shape, develop, and attain. He believes that self-education can help us change our personalities. This self-education is our steady and continual growth using our knowledge, experience, and conscious changes. If we can understand what our interests/abilities are, we can use that to change who we are. If we are shy and want to become more social, we have to allow ourselves to enter into more social situations, even though that may be uncomfortable. Think about your interests: if you are into history, find others who are interested in it too. This will help take the edge off a bit. It takes a goal and determination, but changing who you are is possible. If you believe that you can change that one thing about yourself that you hate, you probably can. Never doubt yourself, but remember that you have to be fully dedicated to the task at hand.

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